Divorce and Separation Counselling

At Presheka B Wellness Counsellor, we understand the complex nature of divorce and separation. We understand the emotional, mental, legal, and financial challenges this significant life change can inflict on families and married couples.

Divorce counselling can help couples considering separation or dealing with permanent separation. The end of a marriage comes with grief, anger, and loss. These emotions could pose a challenge for couples to adjust to a new life and transition into new roles. Issues like affairs, betrayals, arguments, trust issues, or other unresolved conflicts need experienced wellness counsellors to help guide couples through emotions and work toward healing and personal growth.

Divorce counselling helps couples engage in honest communication, question the issues in the marriage, and identify unhealthy patterns that add difficulties to their relationship. Couples learn to establish healthy boundaries, navigate co-parenting, develop coping strategies, and learn to manage the emotional impact of divorce. The sessions are conducted in an organized and structured manner that helps partners examine the divorce or separation decision itself too.

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