Face-to-Face (In-Person) Counselling

Some things are easier to share in a confidential setting, with a safe environment and direct attention of the counsellor. Presheka B Wellness Counsellor understands the need to engage in difficult conversations in a personalized space and thus offers face-to-face counselling. It isn’t a one-sided sharing but a collaborative approach to exploring and understanding issues and emotions and seeking guidance.

Online (Virtual) Counselling

Presheka B Wellness Counsellor makes counselling convenient and accessible with professional counselling services delivered online. Individuals connect with the wellness counsellor via real-time chat and video conferencing. Traditional in-person counselling supplements online sessions in some cases. Individuals can choose to engage in standalone virtual sessions as well.

About Me

Presheka B Wellness is a Wellness Counsellor and a Trauma Debriefing Specialist based in Greenstone, Modderfontein, JHB.

Working Hours

Mon - Fri: 8.00 am - 17.00 pmSaturday: On AppointmentSunday: Closed


Phone: +27 66 243 3343 1st Floor, Stonehill Crossing, 42 Greenstone Place, Greenstone Hill.Get Directions