Couple Counselling: Relationship, Marital & Pre-marital Counselling

Difficulties such as miscommunication, conflicting priorities, or external stressors like work pressures or family issues complicate the familial and marital world. As a result, every romantic relationship – married or not – faces challenges that need guidance to support and strengthen them in their lives. Presheka B Wellness Counsellor offers Couples Counselling for married couples, those planning to get married, and pre-marital counselling.

With pre-marital counselling sessions, we provide a supportive space for couples to explore expectations of married life before they can say ‘I Do’. Individuals that choose couple counselling sessions discuss roles, responsibilities, married life outlook, values, and conflict resolution to ensure a strong relationship and healthy future together. PB wellness equips couples with the necessary skills to navigate marital challenges.

Married couples therapy aims at improving communication skills and strengthening the emotional connection among spouses. Presheka B Wellness Counsellor specializes in marital crises such as infidelity, family problems, financial problems, illness, life changes, anger management, and more. Couples therapy encourages constructive dialogue and active listening in a judgment-free zone. The aim is to help couples express themselves more openly, build trust, and resolve conflicts better so that they can learn and grow together.

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