Inner Piece – Puzzle Set


Inner Piece includes three engaging puzzles for children and families, promoting self-expression and creative conversations. Ideal for developing early learning skills and fostering meaningful interactions between kids and adults.

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Inner Piece includes three (3) fun and engaging puzzles to be enjoyed by children and families. Following the themed styles from the SmartHeart Board Game decks of cards (‘I feel…when…’, Pic-tales, and Talk-Talk), each puzzle offers an opportunity for self-expression, meaningful interactions, and creative conversations to unfold.

For the youngest children, Inner Piece helps to facilitate the development of early learning concepts, such as: color and shape recognition, counting, reading, and letter recognition skills.

Parents, teachers and other professionals value using these puzzles as a platform for cultivating deep and meaningful conversations with a child. The engaging activity also encourages young people to inquire more, and use their own observation skills.

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